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If You Lived at the Mall…How about Living IN the Mall?…details in the latest dmm e-news

If You Lived at the Mall, You'd be Here by Now

As we have learned
, shopping malls are starting to become entire destinations unto themselves, more so than in the glory years of the mall. Malls over the years have fast become places folks can spend more than just a few hours, but rather entire days or more. There are even some that are inching towards becoming small cities of their own – entire self-sustainable living centers. The Star Tribune in Minneapolis recently chronicled the lifestyle one can expect one literally becomes a resident of the mall, or at least on the mall's property. Several people are moving into One Southdale Place, “the new, 232-unit luxury apartment building on the southeast corner of Edina's Southdale Center.” One new resident praised the concept, noting that he spends “almost no time driving anymore.”

Speaking about Living Near the Mall, How about Living IN the Mall?

So what do you do with an old mall
that no longer serves as a mall? Rhode Island’s Arcade Providence, registered as a national landmark in the 70's, is offering what are known as “micro-apartments,” residences located inside the mall where stores once were. As Yahoo! News recently reported, “With rents starting at $550 a month, the teeny-weeny pads range from 225 to 300 square feet and include a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, built-in storage, and an oven-less kitchen.” An accompanying video has been disabled on Yahoo, but can still be viewed on YouTube.

Rhode Island is no stranger to residents living inside their malls. More than ten years ago, some regional artists, Michael Townsend and Adriana Yoto, decided to live in a new shopping center (now known as Providence Place) that was still under construction at the time. As an article about them on reported in 2008, “if Townsend hadn't been nabbed by security and charged with criminal trespassing last October, they'd still be camping out there today.”

ICSC CEO Talks Mall of the Future with PA T.V. Station

If you live in the Harrisburg area
of central Pennsylvania, then you may have recently caught the head of the ICSC on channel 43 talking about the mall of the future. WPMT FOX43's Amanda McCall spoke to Mike Kercheval, president and CEO of the ICSC, about the latest shopping trends and how the shopping centers are being infused with lots of “vitality” and a more “social environment.” In this brief video, Kercheval talked about how the lifestyle attitudes of today are not all that different than they were generations ago, noting that shopping centers are embracing the idea of becoming more of a community center where “you socialize, you hang out, you eat, you shop and you experience” as folks did generations ago.

DMM Game-Winning Stats and Data

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