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How Shopping Centers Are Enhancing Spaces With Murals

Shopping Centers Creating 'Instagrammable' Moments with Murals

Even Less Attractive Spaces Are Getting an Artistic Upgrade

Wall murals immediately add character and life to dull spaces that require a little bit of “oomph”. Shopping centers, in particular, have been jumping on the bandwagon for quite some time. Instead of painting walls one certain color throughout the entire building, wall art and murals have been used to add an artful impact to a room.

Encouraging Social Interaction

Since we live in a social media era, many business owners have resorted to the ingenious way of attracting customers through art. Artists are being commissioned to create beautiful works of art on shopping center walls, in high-end restaurants and fast food establishments, as well as entertainment venues, which

inspire social media postings and sharing. Instagrammable moments are being created on a daily basis, spreading the store’s brand image and giving customers a new incentive for visiting shopping malls.

Creating Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Instead of having to pay large sums for marketing through regular advertising avenues, shopping center owners and store tenants are able to leverage wall art to create word-of-mouth marketing. It’s a cost-effective, fun, and colorful way of marketing products and services and creates a lasting brand impression.

Drawing Foot Traffic

Commercial buildings are becoming known for the murals themselves, creating added foot traffic to different shopping centers. Customers come for the wall art, which fascinates them and sparks interest in what the shopping center has to offer. Shopping centers are seeing the value of creating wall art, even if it doesn’t lead to direct monetary gain. It’s all about drawing customers in and letting the murals do the rest.

Apart from attracting customers and offering a platform for social media engagement, murals also enable business owners to:

Shopping Centers Creating 'Instagrammable' Moments with MuralsAllow Artist Expression

Art, in itself, is a beautiful form of expression. It allows an artist to showcase their emotions and thoughts for everyone to enjoy. Instead of using graffiti as a release, artists are given commercial space to promote a brand and evoke a social uproar.

Add Color to Dull Platforms

For spaces that are not-so-attractive, murals and wall art add color to otherwise blank walls. Instead of going the normal route with simple wall color, murals by professional artists make customers feel ‘at home’. Even if they’re standing in the middle of a commercial retail space. In addition to sprucing up dull walls, murals are also being leveraged to mask unattractive utilities and services/waste disposal units at retail and commercial properties.

Find a Way Around Tight Sign Ordinances

Certain cities are very strict on how they let businesses advertise, whether there’s a sign size restriction or regulations preventing art from containing logos. One way around it is by wrapping a building in murals to attract attention. It’s considered art even if it’s a way to advertise a business.

Wall art and shopping center murals not only attract attention and add color to lifeless buildings, they can also create Instagrammable moments that exceed all social media marketing expectations.

Shopping Centers Creating 'Instagrammable' Moments with MuralsLearn more about how shopping centers are creating Instagrammable moments with The Changing Retail Experience: Interior Design Moves Beyond Traditional Flagship Concepts.

Photo credit: Lila Gemellos (Interactive, social media muralist) – Gemellos Murals


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