Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Google Glass Strategy…Ditching the Suburbs…Tesla time…Details in the latest issue

DMM e-News March 2014 Issue #34Read the March 2014 – Issue #34 DMM e-News


Help! I Just Learned How to Use Twitter and Now I'm Supposed to Have a Google Glass Strategy? Really?” Retail Advice from SXSW

Big TV, New Clothes, Dinner and a Tesla?
Not so Fast, New Jerseyans

Are Consumers Ditching the Suburbs for Urban Shopping Experiences?

DMM Mapping Tool Just Launched
And you thought DMM maps were useful before! The newly-updated DMM
Mapping tool lets you users run a query and view the results on an
interactive map (using both street view and satellite imagery from
Microsoft Bing Maps). Link through to the details from the map point.
See which centers within the map view match your search criteria you'll
see them all! You can even see which centers are in close proximity
(within a 5-mile radius). Click here for more about DMM New Mapping tool.

Spotlight Listing: The Mall at Stonecrest, Lithonia GA

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