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80s Kitsch and Smart Re-designs (or both) Keep Canadians Packing Their Malls

Canadian YouTube singing sensation, Robin Sparkles, and her nostalgic, infinitely catchy, “Let’s Go to the Mall,”. | Photo: YouTube/Robin SparklesWhat is it that keeps Canadians going back to their malls, bucking what some feel are the trends away from in-store retail? It could be endless replays on the most famous Canadian YouTube singing sensation, Robin Sparkles, and her nostalgic, infinitely catchy, “Let’s Go to the Mall,” Or, it could be that mall owners have stepped up their attempts to redesign their malls as “community centres, almost like town squares, where people are able to go shop for fashion, meet with their friends and have a meal.” A recent retail study that focused on Vancouver showed that “top shopping centres are still doing really well and a lot of them actually have slightly higher numbers than they did last year.”

Analyst: Location Data Cited in Better Retail Business Decisions

Location Intelligence: The Future of Retail Invenstment. | Photo: The Investor/JLLA global retail analyst (with offices in Chicago) is touting location data and technologies as important tools in finding the best shopping center locations. A new report from JLL called, ‘A Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy’ discusses “emerging technologies and the ways in which retail investors can tap into the intrinsic needs of their customers” in order to survive and flourish “for years to come.” The free download spotlights the trend of “geofencing” and the impact of drone technology for evaluating customer needs. “The possibilities of using drones to gather customer and retail intelligence are endless. They could help retail owners understand current needs and challenges as well as growth opportunities,” Tony Doherty, Head of Retail – Property & Asset Management at JLL Australia.

Healthcare Joins with Retail to Reach More People, Boost Mall Traffic

Vanderbilt University Medical Center transformed about half of a struggling shopping center into an outpatient hub, much to the delight of its growing patient base and the city of Nashville.| Photo: Modern Healthcare/Vanderbilt University Medical CenterHow would you treat a day out at the mall if a healthcare run was part of the mix? Maybe you’d go for a checkup and to celebrate your low blood pressure and you treated yourself to a (small) cheeseburger and fries combo at the food court. Or a family outing combines an x-ray to check how a broken arm was healing with a few laps at the indoor go-kart track and a movie, followed by some clothes shopping. It’s not so far-fetched. Spiraling healthcare costs prompted Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville to move their health facilities to One Hundred Oaks Mall, taking up the second floor while traditional mall stores are on the first floor. Modern Health noted recently that “providers aim to increase access and reduce costs so patients stay healthy and happy—a twofold solution to improve care coordination and satisfy new payment models.” Could be a win-win for healthcare, retail and consumers.

DMM Game-Winning Stats and Data

It’s playoff time in Major League Baseball and that means endless dissection of the game from every available angle and direction. How many home runs did that player hit? How many strikeouts will that pitcher need for the win? Data feeds it all. DMM’s data is presented and organized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your business. It starts with our 8,300+ listings with more than 315,000 tenants. And while Mays, Ruth, Cobb and Jeter may be the names MLB fans dwell on, it’s Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cushman & Wakefield, Cambridge Ivanhoe, Chipotle, Taubman and the rest that we focus on, so you and your business can thrive and succeed. For more about how our customized data can score for you, click here. Batter up!

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