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Future Role of Retail Shopping Centers… Passing the Time with Asphalt-Paving… and “Green” Shopping Mall Renovations… details in our latest dmm e-news…

Future of Retail Shopping Centers

A Chicago-based real estate professional has posted a handy list of his ideas that the retail shopping world might want to take note of. In his article penned for and posted on LinkedIn, Michael Greeby suggests despite erosion to the internet, traditional brick and mortar retails can create opportunities for themselves. His first suggestion, “Have your Center be the Center.” By that, he means shopping centers are poised to be “the backdrop for the experiences worth sharing on Snapchat, Instagram and Vine” (just like these young women who recently attended a baseball game in Arizona).

Shopping Center Asphalt-Paving Video: the Best Video You’ll See all Week

Sure, we’ve watched David after the dentist, waterskiing squirrels and teen sensation RebeccaBlack sing a song about her favorite day of the week, but hold on to your seats, dear readers. Have you had the pleasure yet of seeing the video currently making the rounds on the internet that features a shopping center’s parking lot being paved? No? That’s right. Try not to like this video of a Staten Island paving company doing their asphalt thing (blacktop and white lines a-plenty!) to a parking lot in Poughkeepsie. Have you seen any similar mall-themed videos lately? Tweet them to us!

Green: Money, Jealousy, the Environment – or all Three?

The color green can describe many things. It’s been known to represent the thirst for money, the emotion jealousy, and it’s tagged to eco-friendly events or products. The Vallco shopping mall in Cupertino, CA, is slated to undergo a major renovation / reconstruction project, becoming The Hills at Vallco. If the project were to be described as “green” then each of the previous definitions of green could apply. The San Jose Mercury News recently reported that new owners “have a $3 billion plan (ka-ching) that will radically remake the outdated center and cover it with” what they are calling the “largest green roof in the world” (eco-roof). The project’s web page describes the project as “a vibrant, sustainable, walkable, and safe new neighborhood offering a mix of retail, dining, entertainment, recreation, housing, offices, open space, and community amenities” (making other malls jealous).

DMM Game-Winning Stats and Data

It’s playoff time in Major League Baseball and that means endless dissection of the game from every available angle and direction. The nation’s pastime just wouldn’t be the same without water cooler debate over who the HR king is, who had the most stolen bases in World Series play, or which switch-hitter has the most bunts against left-handed pitchers during night games following double-headers played on the west coast. It’s sometimes known as “moneyball” and data feeds it all. DMM’s data is presented and organized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your business. It starts with our 8,100+ listings with more than 305,000 tenants. And while Mays, Ruth, Mantle, Cobb, Musial, Koufax, Paige, and Robinson may be the names MLB fans dwell on, it’s Sephora, Yankee Candle, Ann Taylor, Macerich, Helzberg Jewelers, Cushman & Wakefield, CBS Outdoor, Chick-Fil-A, Taubman and the rest that we focus on, so you and your business can thrive and succeed.

For more about how DMM customized data can score for you, click here. Batter up!

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