Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

February 2013 update to the Directory of Major Malls/ site / Directory of Major Malls – Update Announcement
Happy winter! Hope all in the cooler climates are keeping warm. And to those of you in the warmer climates, we are a bit jealous right now as we once again scrapped a bit of snow off our cars and donned our hats and gloves.

The February 2013 update to the Directory of Major Malls/ site has just been run. We now include 7,677 listings of THE major shopping centers and malls in the US and Canada

Currently on there are:
7,677 major shopping centers and malls
292,045 associated tenants
for a total of 3.4+ Billion sqft. of retail space
DMM News:
Over 740 new/updated site/leasing plans have been uploaded to the / Directory of Major Malls site in the past 5 months. This brings our total to almost 4,000 images and over 50% of our listings.
The site/leasing plans are a helpful ‘quick’ glance at the layout of the shopping center and location of the anchors. When viewing the details of a listing, click the Site/Leasing Plan tab to view the image. Zoom in and out, print or right-mouse click to copy the image for pasting in another application.
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