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DMM Retail Boundaries: Elevating Retail Analytics by Going Beyond a Traditional Geofence

Directory of Major Malls is now offering DMM Retail Boundaries to enhance the level of retail analytics that can be created using DMM data. The proprietary polygons, created through a strategic alliance with B I Spatial, utilize DMM shopping centers and malls as an anchor point and then extend into the surrounding area to capture additional locations that represent a more expanded viewpoint of retail activity. DMM Retail Boundaries are not singularly focused on similar retail ownership, but are meant to be our best representation of the larger retail environment surrounding and including the corresponding DMM shopping center or mall.

DMM Retail Boundaries are designed to facilitate more precise analytic output when joined with raw DMM or other third-party data. DMM Boundaries eliminate all the non-retail variants that distort the true traffic within a traditional polygon. Removal of these known anomalies such as ring roads, bridges, residential high-rises, intersecting streets running through a shopping center and nearby highways makes the derived analytic markers far more realistic and thus more actionable and relevant.

The DMM Retail Boundaries are compatible with multiple GIS platforms as a visual reference, or as a means of collecting & layering in additional third-party data specific to the DMM Retail Boundary.

In Retail Analytics, Precision and Context are Paramount.
DMM’s strategic approach to geofencing provides more of what you need and excludes the noise.

DMM Retail Boundaries vs Traditional Geofence

By comparison, the limited breadth and depth of a traditional geofence can drastically affect the veracity of any third-party data captured.

Traditional geofences are focused on physical structures and lack the associated parking or drive through lanes. The incomplete nature of these types of polygons may generate only a partial view of the total activity of the contained business providing skewed analyses.

Traditional Geofence
DMM Shopping Center Geofence
DMM Retail Boundary

DMM Retail Boundaries

DMM Retail Boundaries give specific attention to the retail environment around and including the DMM shopping center or mall. Not every adjacent structure contributes to the retail environment. In this example, the DMM Retail Boundary has removed the 3 non-retail buildings (apartments (2), hotel (1)) adjacent to the property. Any derived insight using the DMM Retail Boundary will be soley retail centric and relevant.

While DMM Retail Boundaries are very robust, they are also very flexible. The polygons can be combined seamlessly with the DMM full dataset as well as mobile and segmentation data and they can be visualized in any GIS Platform chosen. This union allows Real Estate teams, Retail Brands and Business Analysts to derive additional insights on customers and the DMM center such as:

  • Segmentation Profiles.
  • Brand Choice and Frequency.
  • Trade Area Delineation.
  • Parking and Entrance Preferences.

If more advance and in-depth studies are needed, DMM’s strategic alliance with B. I. Spatial creates yet another access point to a comprehensive suite of analytic services like:

  • Site Selections studies & Evaluations (Existing & New)
  • Customized Retail Boundaries
  • Heat Mapping
  • Customer Segmentation & Behavior Analytics
  • Cross Shopping Analytics
  • Tourism Studies
  • Sales Forecasting Modeling

To learn more about licensing DMM Retail Boundaries or retail boundary analytic services, visit the DMM Retail Boundaries web page.

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