DMM Retail Boundaries: Elevating Retail Analytics by Going Beyond a Traditional Geofence

DMM Retail Boundaries is a proprietary geofencing product that is meant to be the best representation of the larger retail environment surrounding and including a corresponding shopping center or mall which is the anchor point.

Created in collaboration with B.I. Spatial and offered by Directory of Major Malls |, DMM Retail Boundaries can be leveraged in multiple GIS platforms as a visual reference, or as a means of collecting additional Third-party data specific to the Retail Boundary. The breadth and depth of a traditional geofence can drastically affect the veracity of any Third-party data captured.

DMM Retail Boundaries vs Traditional Geofence

DMM Retail Boundaries vs Traditional Geofence

The green shaded image (first shown) denotes the DMM retail boundary which excludes the 3 non-retail buildings adjacent to the property. Due to the proximity, it is likely that when a traditional geofence is drawn around the property, as illustrated in the 2nd image, these two buildings – a residence and a hotel – would be included. Therefore if analysis was done with cross referencing demographics or mobile device data, the consumer profiles and buying power projections could be skewed if the residents of the housing and guests do not closely match the consumer profiles of the retailers. Additionally since the hotel has visitors from out of town, this too could affect the presumed local trade area for the property.

DMM Retail Boundaries are refined in such a way to eliminate known anomalies such as ring roads, bridges, residential high-rises, intersecting streets running through a shopping center and nearby highways.  In addition, the processes undertaken through our strategic alliance with B.I. Spatial further tailors the larger representation of a center’s retail environment by:

  • Identifying active/inactive retail areas
  • Excluding non-retail outparcels
  • Excluding known residential areas within the Retail Boundary
  • Utilizing site imagery and documentation

This strategic approach to geofencing provides more of what you need by excluding that which you do not.

DMM Retail Boundaries can be leveraged by Real Estate teams and Retail Brand or Business Analyst to leverage insight needed to:

  • Identify retail voids when planning where to expand.
  • Reevaluate locations.
  • Understand the activity in a particular location.
  • Identify where customers are coming from; Where they are within the location, and where they go when they leave the location.
  • Have a more in-depth understanding of the path-to-purchase

Through DMM’s strategic alliance with B. I. Spatial, you can also obtain a comprehensive suite of analytic services that address areas such as:

  • Site Selections & Evaluations (Existing & New)
  • Customized Retail Boundaries
  • Heat Mapping (Highlights of the density of observations across a selected area over a given period of time.)
  • experianCustomer Mosaics Segmentation & Behavior
  • Cross Shopping Analytics
  • Tourism
  • Comparative Volume Assessments
  • Reconciliation & Planning: Measuring actual customer activity against perceived or planned customer base

To learn more about licensing DMM Retail Boundaries or retail boundary analytic services, visit the DMM Retail Boundaries web page.