Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Data Visualization Enhancements to

We are pleased to announce the launching of several new enhancements to the website which will aid you in analyzing and visualizing the DMM major shopping center and mall data.

We’ve added:

1. A Matching Centers Gauge to the search screens that adjusts as you add criteria to your search

2. NEW Graph and Chart Result options will reflect the results of your search:

a. New Top 10 Owner/Developer: By # of Listings and Total Retail GLA

b. Centers by Classification – According to # of Listings and Total Retail GLA

c. By Region – According to # of Listings and Total Retail GLA

d. By Range of Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA) sqft.

e. Tenant Mix By Store Category count

3. Re-designed Detail Report with Tenant Mix Graph – with easy download to PDF

4. Detail Report Sample

5. Enlarged Map View screen to allow a more expansive view of center locations

Questions about these enhancements or overall use of the website and DMM data can be directed to our Technical Support team.

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