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Edgewater Mall
Biloxi, MS

J. Peterman Future Pops Up. Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That.

The real-lifer J.Peterman and John O'Hurley's versoion on 'seinfeld'. Photos: & Rolling Stone via YouTubeMost people know J. Peterman was a character on the hit television show Seinfeld. Thanks to reruns everywhere, it’s pretty much a guarantee you can flip through the cable lineup and find John O’Hurley bringing his most famous character to life. He was even part of the company, and still is. A dominant force on the catalog circuit with big-time celebrity fans, the actual company has had its ups and downs. has a fascinating look at the perils of fame and fortune and how one individual can sap another’s identity, but don’t cry for Peterman just yet. They’re looking at the new-ish retail phenomenon of pop ups, with RetailDive noting the real J. Peterman “isn’t planning new stores in the near future, not even a flagship, though he is planning pop-ups.”

This is Heavy: The Blueprint for the Mall of the Future

The demand for office space is among factors driving commercial real estate trends. | Photo: Wilmingtonbiz Magazine | your humble e-newsletter editor was a kid, he watched The Jetsons every afternoon. He can remember being excited at the prospect – nay, the promise – that by the time he was an adult, he’d be flying around in a personal saucer, a flying car, if you will, like George. The folks at Forbes think they found the solution for the malls of the future, based on a new report from management consulting firm AT Kearney, entitled, appropriately enough, “The Future of Shopping Centers.” The report summarizes the two paths available: “One fork leads to business-as-usual. The other path takes us to an industry future that has never looked better, at least for those brave (and wise) enough to pursue it.” The report describes the four kinds of Consumer Engagement Spaces (CES) that the future holds for shopping centers, including “destination centers, values centers, innovation centers and ‘retaildential’ centers.”

Let the Regional Battle Lines be Drawn: Each State’s Best Mall

The planned Five & Main development in Commerce Township will include community gathering space in addition to retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and apartments. | Photo: Five & MainSure to be talk around your watercooler this week is a new list from the folks at culture website INSIDER. They have every state in the nation and listed each state’s best shopping mall. 50 on the list. One from each state. Two of them are in the shadow of the Directory of Major Malls’ suburban NYC headquarters. Is Mall of America the best mall in Minnesota (it is the #1 visited mall in the country)? Can you argue that Woodburn Premium Outlets doesn’t deserve its listing as best in Oregon? What’s the best mall in your state? Tell us via Twitter or on our “Contact” page.


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