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Automated Retail Machines are the Sales Channel of the Future

Automated Retail MachinesThe vending machine is making an unexpected comeback, and it’s set to change the way retailers promote their brand and sell their products. With all new technology and steadily growing retail investment, automated retail machines bring fun and excitement to just about any public space.

From caviar to live crabs to gold to finger nail painting to pharmaceutical products, these machines can dispense just about anything. Whether it’s for the novelty of the experience, such as a fine jewelry vending machine in a museum, or for the sake of convenience, such as Sephora vending machines in an airport, these machines never fail to attract attention.

Consumers and retailers alike are loving this new technology. It breaks the mold of traditional retail, providing unique and memorable experiences while also making sound business sense.

Why Do People Love Automated Retail Machines?

Automated retail machines immediately establish a visual connection to desirable products by placing them directly in view, in an unusual location and with striking designs. Further, touch screen interfaces and video playback provide a highly interactive and engaging buying experience for a consumer. The uniqueness of the experience is hard to match with the traditional retail model.

Beyond the excitement of the automated retail machine, however, is the convenience factor. Consumers can purchase a product and immediately walk away with it – no back orders, shipping times or hunting for what’s needed. This combination of convenience and novelty is what a great retail experience is all about.

Why Do Retailers Love Automated Retail Machines?

Automated Retail MachinesYou could argue that retailers stand to benefit even more from these machines than consumers. An automated retail machine is a low-cost way to extend a brand by having a greater physical presence without costly investment in physical store locations. Leveraging automated retail machines in this way also reduces overhead expenses and costs while increasing revenue per square foot.

From a landlord’s perspective, automated retail machines deliver high returns without occupying much space. They can even be used to generate rent from the empty parts of a mall, often referred to as casual leasing. They’re a simple, reliable way to boost revenue.

The latest automated retail machines are equipped with advanced sensors and technology to collect data on consumer behavior and purchase history, allowing retailers to provide a more personal experience while better understanding their target market. When this information is shared with landlords, even more insight can be gained into which products sell the best at a particular time and location.

But beyond the tangible, bottom-line benefits of automated retail machines, retailers can invest in this technology to prove their commitment to serving their customers. People love the convenience and novelty of automated retail machines – by giving them the experience they want, retailers position their brand as an innovator and a company dedicated to supporting their customers’ lifestyle.

Automated retail machines are a relatively new phenomenon, but so far, they’ve been wildly popular among both retailers and consumers. This unique retail format is a rare low-cost sales strategy for retailers that motivates and excites consumers to make purchases.

It’s likely more and more of these futuristic vending machines will start popping up around transportation hubs, museums, tourist areas and more. Automated retail machines are an exciting new technology and have the promise to be one of the most reliable retail sales channels in the future.

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