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What are the Mobile Traffic, Segmentation and Enhanced Demographics features?

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Mobile Traffic & Analytics

Center Specific Mobile Traffic Data is provided through DMM’s strategic partnership with BI Spatial & Near™, the World’s largest source of mobile data connecting the physical and the digital worlds of more than 1.6 Billion people in 44 Countries.

Generally Mobile data collections tends to represent about 5% of the true traffic at any location due to many different technical, geographic and government regulatory factors.  While not absolute, the values do provide a directional perspective of activity by which groups of people profiles can be identified.

Mobile device data is used as the mechanism for identifying the grouping of the unique residential dwelling places of a device which generates a unique 70% DMM Trade Area for each shopping center.

One can view the mobile metrics presented as being akin to an intercept study, not as a traditional traffic study or an indicator of all traffic at any location for a given period of time.

The value of the mobile metrics presented by DMM comes from focusing your understanding and engagement activities to the top target audiences that drive the activity over a period of time.

Attributes include:

  • DMM Retail Trade Area Maps – A visual illustration of the residential geographic area where approximately 70% of the shoppers coming to the property originated based upon an analysis of the Near™ mobile traffic data. This provides a realistic understanding of the actual visitors to the center as opposed to assumptions made when using demographics gathered solely on radius rings and proximity to the property.
  • Rolling 12 Month Observations – The rolling count of unique visitor traffic to the property in the past 12 months.
  • Current Quarter Observations – The number of unique visits to the property in the last full calendar quarter.
  • % Change vs Previous Quarter – Comparison of visitor traffic between the current quarter and the previous one. (Example: Qtr 2 (April – June) vs Q1 (January – March)
  • Tourism Observations % by Visit – Tourist Traffic is defined by DMM as unique observations originating from a residential location greater than 50 and 100 miles from any center.
  • Tourism Observations % by Devices – The % of Total devices detected in a shopping center geofence that originated from a residential location greater than 50 and 100 miles away from the shopping center.
  • Nearest Competing Center -Closest center of any classification
  • Nearest Comparable Center – Closest center with the same classification

Cross-Shopping Analysis

  • Top 5 Cross‐Shopped Centers – The Five (5 )Shopping Centers with the greatest number of visitors that also shopped at the “Subject” center
  • Unique Visitor Traffic Metrics :  % of Same Visitors – % of visitor traffic at  Subject center that also visited the Cross-shopped center during the reported Quarter, not necessarily the same shopping trip
  • Unique Visitor Traffic Metrics :  % Preference of Same Visitors – Depicts the % of Same Visitors that actually visit the Subject center over the Cross-shopped center during the reported Quarter

    Why is this Valuable?

    Human movement data provides accurate insight into the observations of unique devices entering into a geofences location. The data allows for analysis of patterns of activity and the relative change in human movement activities in space and across time. This assists in determining volume of visitors, areas of greater activity and distances traveled to visit the property. More comprehensive analysis via custom licensing could illustrate cross-shopping, void analysis and gain a micro understanding of hour-of-day, day-of-week, weekend/weekday changes in target geographies broken down by Census Block Groups (US).

    For tourist-focused shopping destinations, the tourism metrics provide insight into how many people outside the retail trade area visited the property.

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    Segmentation Data

    Top 5 PRIZM® Premier Segments as provided from Claritas, Inc., the industry’s most widely adopted segmentation solution. PRIZM® is built to help marketers find prospects faster and sell smarter by providing rich insights into every household in the U.S. including demographics, lifestyle and media preferences, shopping behaviors and technology usage.

    Attributes Include:

    • Total % of Top 5 Segments
    • Top 5 Center Segment Profiles
      • Miles Traveled by Visitors in each segment
    • Top 5 Segment Groups
    • Top 5 Segment Lifestyle Behaviors & Preferences

    Why is this Valuable?

    Market Segmentation provides a more precise understanding of the visitors coming to the shopping center. By understanding these top segments, a retailer or landlord is better able to identify those visitors who best fit the profile of their most valuable customers. Landlords benefit by giving them a perspective as to the types of tenants who would succeed at the center and how the market demographics might have adjusted through time. It also allows for creating a more effective strategy for the marketing and promotion by the landlords and retailers.

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    Demographics & Trends

    Demographics & Trend provided by BI Spatial & Claritas by using the industry’s most robust and accurate demographic and multicultural data to understand market share, opportunity gaps and so much more.

    Attributes Include:

    • Census Regions
    • Nielsen Designated Market Area
    • Primary Market Demographics: Local Area
    • Primary Market Demographics: Expanded
    • (3, 5, 10 & 20 Mile Radius)
    • Population & Household Breakdowns
    • Income: Average & Median
    • Household Units: Owners & Renters %
    • Gender %
    • Age %
    • Ethnicity Indices
    • Education %
    • 5 Year Forecasted Trends

    Why is this Valuable?

    Demographics provide statistical data about the population in a trade area. These metrics provide a broad understanding of the different characteristics of the trade area population with regard to such specifics as age, income, gender, education, ethnicity and residential ownership. This enables the landlords and retailers to target their ideal customers and identify tenants which would be the best fit for the property. 

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    About Claritas:

    For nearly 50 years, Claritas’ unparalleled knowledge of the American consumer has yielded the most adopted segmentation in the industry, helping marketers identify their best customers. Through key acquisitions, the company has transformed into a marketing leader, now offering a single-source suite of solutions that give marketers the ability to identify their ideal audiences, deliver multichannel marketing engagements with precision and leverage measurement tools to optimize their media spend across online and offline channels and thus drive better marketing ROI. With an accuracy-first foundation, the robust Claritas Identity Graph serves as the engine that drives these powerful solutions, encompassing a proprietary data set of over 255 million consumers across over 600 million devices and 10,000+ demographic and behavioral insights.

    PRIZM Premier is the industry’s most widely adopted segmentation solution. Built to help marketers find prospects faster and sell smarter, PRIZM Premier provides rich insights into every household in the U.S. including demographics, lifestyle and media preferences, shopping behaviors and technology usage. 

    More information about Claritas and PRIZM® Segmentation can be found visit here.

    About Near:

    Near, the global leader in privacy-led Data Intelligence, curates the world’s largest source of intelligence on people, places, and products. Near processes data from over 1.6 billion monthly users in 44 countries to empower Marketing and Operational data leaders to confidently reach, understand, and market to highly targeted audiences and optimize their business results.

    With offices in Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Bangalore, Tokyo and Sydney, Near serves major brands in retail, CPG, real estate, restaurants, tourism, technology, marketing, and other industries. For more information, please visit

    About B.I. Spatial

    Founded in 2015 by Andy Moncla, B I Spatial brings more than 30 years of expertise in the Business Intelligence and GeoSpatial market across a variety  of industries segments including  Retail,  Restaurants (QSR & Full Service), Grocery, Banking, Education, and Hospitality.  Andy, President and CEO, has the distinction of being recognized as an Alteryx “Ace” and leads a team of Alteryx certified experts to deliver innovative analytics to its clients.   

    B I Spatial, LLC – The “RIGHT” choice for Mobile Analytics 

    B I Spatial operates in the spatial and mobile data analytics arena servicing its clients with customized solutions that drive their business expansion & growth.  B I Spatial has moved beyond the traditional approach of business intelligence into a more advanced, collaborative methods of product and analytic solutions that delivers sustainable organic growth. For more information, please visit

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