Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How do I search for all the centers in a metro market?

To view the centers in a specific market area:

  2. Select the “GEOGRAPHY”
  3. Select Metro Area in the left menu
  4. Select the State(s) associated with the Metro Market you would like to search
  5. The list of metro markets will appear in the “Select MSAs” list
  6. Scroll to view and select the metro markets of choice
  7. Use the green > button to move the metro market to the Selections column on the right
  8. Note the site will recalculate the number of listings in your results as MSAs are selected. Please note this is an “or” selection. Therefore your results will reflect all listings which are in “any” of the markets you have selected.
  9. You may add additional criteria using the other Tabs to further filter your list.
  10. Click the MAP IT option and view the results on an interactive map.

For example: Click the PHYSICAL FEATURES tab and mark “Enclosed” to show the enclosed centers in the MSAs of your choice.

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