Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

What are the details included in each DMM major shopping center / mall listing?

Location and Market Information

  • Center Location – Intersecting Streets, City, State, Zipcode, County, Metro Market
  • Nearest Competing Mall and distance to it
  • Distance of the Primary Market, Nearest Major City and Distance to it
  • General Demographics for Primary Market – Average Household Income, Population

Physical Features

  • Gross Leasable Area (GLA)Term definition – Retail Square footage for the entire center
  • Anchor Store Square Footage
  • Design of Center – Open or Enclosed, # of levels, shape
  • Existence of a Food Court in Center, # of seats
  • Year Opened / To Open , Expansion/Renovation planned, Year of Last Renovation/Expansion

VIP Contact Information
Six primary contacts with name, company, address, phone, fax, e-mail, and company website

  • Owner/Developer
  • Leasing Agent
  • Management Company
  • Center/Mall Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Specialty Leasing Contact

Sales and Visitor Traffic*
Please note: due to the proprietary nature of this data, some of these field may be sparsely populated

  • Total Sales Figures (including Anchors)*
  • Sales Per Square Foot (excluding Anchors)*
  • Average Visitor Traffic Counts by the week, month and year*

Leasing Information

  • Space availability and types of tenants sought
  • Outparcel space present and/or available
  • Does the Center Accept Temporary Tenants – If cart/kiosk is provided, Leasing of temporary in-line space

Center Classifications

  • Community Center – 200,000 – 499,999 sq. ft. in size
  • Regional Center – 500,000-999,999 sq. ft. in size
  • Super-Regional Center – over 1 million sq. ft. in size
  • Power Center – usually open-air in design and with 3 or more big-boxes
  • Value Retail – Tenants are predominantly outlets, discount, off-price retailers
  • Entertainment – Focus on themed entertainment and restaurants, theaters, attractions, with more limited retail
  • Lifestyle / Specialty / Mixed-Use – usually open-air & anchor-less with an upscale mix of tenants. May also include mixed-use combination of retail, office, residential

Tenant Information

  • Anchor tenants and sizes
  • Tenant list broken down according to 16 retail categories

Site/Leasing Plan
Approximately 75% of our listings include a site / leasing plan provided by the owner/developer. As each company has its own style, these images vary in format and content and are meant to provide a general idea of the layout of the center.

Center’s Website Link
A live link to the website of the center is provided. This allows you to quickly check out additional details and other information directly on the website for the shopping center/mall.

Mapped Location
Visually see the actual shopping center / mall location on a street and/satellite map. Zoom in to see the exact location and identify other centers nearby

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