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We agree, “The Great American Mall is Alive and Well”

Read the column from Jess Tron, Director of Communications and Media relations
for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) which reminds us all…
“The Great American Mall is Alive and Well” 

Here at Directory of Major Malls / we are pleased to see an article about the continued positive activity in the retail shopping center and mall industry.
As a primary source for over 30 years tracking the ebb and flow of major shopping center and mall projects and development, we can definitely back this up. Yes, there are older
retail projects which are no longer viable for various reasons and may close. In many cases we see these centers morph into alternative non-retail uses projects. Such new uses
include; libraries, medical parks, university annexes, technology centers, residential and even churches.

However, we also are seeing continual movement in the redevelopment of older centers as well as new retail projects being developed which are redefining retail growth and activity
across the U.S. and Canada.

Conventional enclosed malls built 30 years ago are now exciting and successful lifestyle retail shopping centers. Former industrial buildings converted to mixed-use projects
combining residential, retail, entertainment and commercial space. “Retired” airports, golf courses, raceways being re-engineered and developed to serve communities in a whole new way. 
So no worries. The American Mall is alive and well and is just changing and adjusting with the times.

Read Jess Tron’s complete article  “The Great American Mall is Alive and Well” here.

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