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Directory of Major Malls

Gmail users – receive DMM e-news in the right folder

Important notice for Gmail Subscribers:

If you haven’t been seeing the
twice-monthly DMM e-news or notices about the latest updates to,
it’s likely that Google is categorizing them as “Promotions” or “Spam” and
automatically filtering them out of your inbox, which means you won’t see them
unless you change your Gmail settings.  

Here’s a quick fix for that problem. 

Just drag one of the
DMM e-news emails to the “Primary” tag and be sure you click
“Yes” when the alert pops up to treat future emails from us the same way.

If you don’t want to continue to use Gmails folders, you can also completely remove these new tabs. Go to
the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and select
“Settings.” Click on the “Inbox” tab and deselect all
categories except “Primary.” Be sure to save your changes.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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