Trend Demographics Add-on Dataset Option

As part of our standard listing information, we include the following data variables:

  • Average Household Income
  • Population
  • Distance of the Primary Market

This data is provided to us by the Owners, Managers and Authorized Agents for the centers. Though very helpful for a quick “at a glance” view of the general demographics surrounding an individual center, it may not be as useful when used to compare different centers across to one another due to the variety of data sources, release dates and the variation in distances each of the different companies may use.

Our Trend Demographic Dataset alleviates this issue by offering this dataset which is provided to us by Scan/US a leading source of demographic data. All US locations have been cross referenced with the Trend Demographics dataset released by Scan/US to create our enhanced demographics data. These demographics trends are based upon small area estimates and projections from the professionally tailored demographers of Scan/US and their associate research firms.

Details - Trend Demographics

The DMM Trend Demographic add-on dataset includes 5, 10, 20 mile radius rings around each of the U.S. centers and four (4) variables of data.

The consistency of the source of the data, the release data and the radii distance provide a truer “apples to apples” comparison across the board.

The Trend Demographic Add-on variables include:

  • Average Household Income
  • Population
  • Number of Households
  • Median Age

This add-on option is available for the DMM Online access subscriptions both an add-on option as well as an included element in the Premium subscription. Once licensed for your subscription, the included fields are visible on the Demographics Tab, in the Detail Report, as a separate individual report and exportable for subscription tiers which include the export function. Additionally individual Trend Demographic Reports may be purchased on a “pay as you go” basis.

If you have further questions about this add-on data set speak to one of our sales reps at (845) 348-7000 x 204 or use our contact form.