DMM - Custom Data Products

1. Licensed data with Longitude/Latitude and tenant options

DMM's major Shopping Center dataset offers the complete attributes for each DMM shopping center and mall listing including the complete list of 285k+ associated tenants and  manually verified Longitude/Latitude coordinates, both of which are not available through the online subscription access option.

This dataset can be used for integration into third-party mapping (GIS) /Analytic applications for non-commercial, internal use.  This dataset is available on an annual licensing basis and is provided in standard data formats such as xls, ascii, and mdb.

2. Custom databases
If the online access site reporting and exporting is not the solution for you, speak with one of our sales representatives to discuss your specific needs. More complex data filtering or delivery can be handled in-house on a custom basis. Please note this custom service begins at $500 and pricing is based upon data extraction, content and delivery format.

3. V.I.P. Contact files, database files, mailing lists and reports can be created for you based upon your specific needs. Standard formats with any one or more of the six primary contacts can be included along with other fields of data from the most current DIRECTORY OF MAJOR MALLS database. The files are available in a variety of "raw" database formats such as XLS, DBF, and ASCII Delimited for import into third part software such as; Excel, Act and Microsoft Access, for internal, non-commercial for research, marketing and sales  prospecting. 

4. Historical major shopping center and mall Data - As a major source of shopping center and malls data for over 30 years, Directory of Major Malls has maintained an electronic archive of the data used in the DMM products for almost as long. Our archive dates back over 20 years with details, tenant lists, contact and location information. Contact us today to find out more information and to discuss how this data can be licensed for research and analytic uses.

Click here for a list of available years and record counts.


DMM licensing overview

DMM Dataset Description

DMM dataset field attributes (XLS format)

Standard End User Agreement (non-commercial / internal use) *

*not valid for commercial licensing opportunities - contact us directly to discuss commercial and reseller licensing opportunities

For more information: Call/email to request a sample of the dataset for review and to discuss your custom data licensing needs. , call: (845) 348-7000 x200.


Subscription Plans

Custom data
DMM Licensed Datasets are priced on a custom basis. Call your sales rep to discuss your personal data needs at (845) 348-7000 x200