Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Interactive Mapping Tool

With this exciting feature, you are able to view your results, groups of listings and individual shopping centers and malls on a map. Your view can be the street map, satellite imagery, or hybrid which combines both elements together. This powerful new tool combines DMM’s verified longitude/latitude coordinates with the powerful and helpful maps available using the Microsoft’s Bing Map API. See below for details, descriptions and screenshots outlining the DMM | mapping tool.

Create your search and select MAP IT to see your results in Map View
General Query Screen with Map It button

Map View results show clusters of listing meeting your search results
Query Map It results screen with clusters

Zoom in to view individual center locations
Click on each map point to identify the center. Use the SHOW DETAILS button to view complete details for selected center
Query Map It results screen - zoomed in

Zoom in even closer
Zoom in to single center with street maps

Switch the map to view satellite imagery
Zoom in to single center with satellite

Click SHOW DETAILS to switch to center listing details
Use the MAP Tab to view centers within a 5 mile radius
Center Details - map view shows 5 mile proximity -2

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