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DMM Retail Industry e-News Issue #221

RetailDive’s Top Ten Trends for 2022… Grocery Stores as Shopping Center Focal Points in 2022… In the Year 2030 (Only 8 Years Away!)

trends for 2022RetailDive’s Top Ten Trends for 2022

The editorial team at RetailDive took a “Deep Dive” to come up with the top ten trends that will impact retailers in 2022. Obviously COVID is still a major concern, and e-trends are part of the mix, but even those issues can be utilized in positive ways by brick-and-mortar. Among their top ten, 1) Retailers should invest heavily in supply chains, 2) Inflation could come for consumers’ discretionary funds, and 3) The purpose of a store continues to evolve. “Last year was different. The number of closure plans declined year over year, according to Coresight Research. But retailers, in an effort to make those stores really count, are also rethinking store formats – even abandoning flagships in some cases – and switching their locations.”

groceryGrocery Stores as Shopping Center Focal Points in 2022

Retail shopping centers that include grocery stores could be key in 2022. looked to real estate investment trust Phillips Edison and Company (PECO) and their predictions for the new year. PECO sees several important focal points, such as: large retailers’ (ie, Target) ongoing efforts to open smaller-format concepts, and automation to improve customer experiences. “With supply chain issues dominating headlines as we navigate the holiday season, automation is playing a critical role in how retailers are getting product from point A to point B,” said Mike Conway, VP of national accounts and retail partnerships at PECO, in a press release. One added note from your humble e-newsletter editor, will soon let subscribers search for and locate shopping centers that have grocery stores. “Data in aisle one, two, three…aw, heck, data in every aisle!” Stay tuned!

vr🎶 In the Year 2030 🎶 – Wait, That’s Only 8 Years Away!

Remember when 2030 seemed so very far away? Well, it’s not. It’s as distant as 2014, and that was, like, yesterday. The folks at Ericsson Research recently came out with their “10 Hot Consumer Trends” report and it specifically outlines 10 high-tech facilities for consumers — hybrid malls in eight years: the Everyspace Plaza. Where “ideas will merge into a networked reality, where every space becomes the right place for next-generation experiences.” So, what does that mean? “This future could see beauty salons that are programmed to apply make-up that adapts to your surroundings; swimming pools where you can use oxygenated VR headsets to experience zero gravity; and make-your-own factories where you can select customized designs for any product.” Click the link above to watch a one-minute video and download the report.

Spotlight Listing
Spotlight Listing

Waikele Center

94-849 Lumiaina Street
Waipahu, HI 96797


Gross Leaseable Retail Area
537,637 sq. ft.

Year Opened

American Assets Trust


Retailers Include
Lowe's, OfficeMax, Old Navy Outlet, Safeway, Banana Republic, Genki Sushi, McDonald's, Restaurant Kunio, Professionail, Party City, Petco, GameStop, Aloha Pacific FCU, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, Inspire Church


Waikele Center is a regional open-air shopping center located west of Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital city. This shopping complex is one of Central Oahu’s largest and most high-profile retail projects. Waikele Center serves a primary market population of 480,557 with an average household income of $112,927.

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We all make resolutions or promises at the beginning of each new year, but really, how many do we actually stick to? If you’re anything like me, the personal ones go out the window pretty darn quickly. But for my business, I put my nose to the grindstone and make it work all year long. Some are easier than others. Like maximizing the data you get from Comprehensive, accurate shopping center data that helps you analyze retail trends, pinpoint the competition, learn about new construction projects, and more! Our site makes it easy to embrace the data, use the data, and benefit from the data. If you haven’t tried it yet, click here to request a demo or here for a free trial!

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