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Directory of Major Malls

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Get started with the most accurate, comprehensive data to inform your retail strategy. Uncover  demographic insights, get competitive intelligence, indentify find new opportunities with Directory of Major Malls | (DMM).

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With data covering over 320k retail tenant locations associated with over 9,000+ major shopping centers in the USA & Canada, The Directory of Major Malls is packed with reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive data and covers the plethora of shopping center classifications including:

  • Open-Air Community
  • Enclosed
  • Mixed-Use / Lifestyle / Specialty
  • Power
  • Outlet/Off-Price
  • Entertainment
  • and more

Cross-Shopping Analysis, Average Visitor Distance metrics, Nearest Competing and Comparable Centers, Trade Area maps, Mobile Visitor Observation metrics, enhanced demographics, segmentation profiles, and industry analytic metrics have been integrated with DMM data and illustrated through tables, graphs and maps, so you can plan your retail shopping center research & analysis effectively with


Whether you are an up-and-coming retailer or a major retail chain, save precious time and manpower by quickly and efficiently locating retail locations that are suitable for your first store or your next expansion. Review existing markets, pinpoint competition and determine if the local demographics are a match.


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Owners / Developers / Management

In order to properly plan and strategize to fulfill your business objectives, you need up-to-date data. Stay aware of current market competitors while finding the proper tenants to serve your demographics. Track which retailers are opening or closing stores and stay aware of new construction or redevelopment opportunities.

Investors / Financial Consultants

The ability to make informed decisions about your retail portfolio requires access to a wide variety of data. You need to be informed of Portfolio/Asset Sales, new construction, chain store opening and closings, changes to the industry, and other vital trends. Quickly search, cross-reference and export the timely information your executive decision-makers need to effectively evaluate their retail investments.

Leasing Agents/Brokers

Empower your executive team to expedite its strategic planning process. With the ability to easily adjust search parameters, cross-reference, and export, you can have the timely information needed to move your plan forward. Access geo-targeted data on critical leasing data such as vacancies or expansions. Learn about nearby retail to identify effective leasing opportunities.

Service / Suppliers / Marketers

Across numerous industries spanning design, construction, technology, marketing, and suppliers domains,  forward-thinking companies harness DMM’s robust shopping center data to skillfully navigate and filter the data with such criteria as construction/renovation activity, physical features, size, location, and tenant-mix to uncover which projects and contacts are the best targets for their offerings.

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