Online Access Query Screens

Below are the different Query Screens available to search the Directory of Major Malls | site.

Note the Results Calculation appear on the lower right as you enter criteria. The criteria you enter are listed on the upper right in the gray box. This allows you to track which criteria you have added from each screen to further filter your results. Use the “Start a New Search” below the results calculation to remove ALL criteria you have entered and to start a fresh search.

General Info – Search by Center name, Center Classification, Year Opened/To Open, Groups you created
Search - General Info

By Geographic Location – Use only one section of this screen to filter based upon shopping center location
Search - Geography

By Demographics – Please note Trend Demographic fields option will only be visible if they are applicable to your subscription
Search - Demographics (General and Trend)

Physical Features – Search By Type of Center (Open vs Enclosed), Size (GLA Sqft), # of stores, # of parking spaces, Food Court present, Renovation status
Search - Physical Features

Leasing Information – Is Space Available? Outparcel Space, Total Sales*, Sales/sqft*, Visitor Traffic*
* Please note: due to the proprietary nature of this data, some of these field may be sparsely populated.
Search - Leasing Info

By Company Name (Owner/Developer, Leasing, Management & Specialty Leasing)
Search - Companies

By Stores located within the center – This is an “Or” condition. Therefore when multiple stores are selected as criteria, the results will be listings which include ANY of the listed stores.  To search for a co-tenacy within a center, use the Group Option as per these instructions
Search - Stores

Once you have entered all your desired criteria to filter the DMM database, click the green VIEW button on the lower right or the MAP IT button to see the your results. Toggle between the two views using the SEARCH RESULTS and MAP RESULTS tabs on the upper left.

View using the RESULTS button
Results screen

View using the Map It button
Map It Results Screen