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DMM Retail Industry e-News Issue #208

Deliveries, Movies, and Samples! Tackling the Retail Trends… Consumers Want Their Stuff Now… Different Demographics Drive Dairy, Deli, Dining Demands

Deliveries, Movies, and Samples! JLL Tackles the Retail Trends

Despite the COVID restrictions, or perhaps because many of them are coming to an end in many places around the country, sales of electronics continue to do well. That’s according to the JLL retail research team’s most recent trends and analysis video. In the latest episode of “Everything We Know About Retail” JLL’s James Cook, Director of Retail Research and Taylor Coyne, Senior Manager of Retail Research, note that much of the growth is coming from physical retail. Electronics, they say, are often complicated and expensive purchases. Many shoppers would like to interact with floor models in person before they make a purchase…making the brick-and-mortar environment invaluable. Cook and Coyne also cover the new trends surrounding deliveries, increased foot traffic at movie theaters (despite every channel now, it seems, is starting their own version of a “Plus” app streaming service), and the comeback of samples (and who hasn’t missed the free chunks of cheese on a fancy cracker or little meatballs in a sauce you’ve never had before)! “Samples aren’t a profit-generator (for Costco) but it’s part of the experience,” Cook said. Click here to check out their video.

cashierI Want It All. I Want It All. I Want It All. And I Want it Now!

It’s a band that your humble e-newsletter editor regrets never getting the chance to see perform live, but the days when Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen, sadly, are long gone. Not long gone are the days when consumers needed in-person retail. Times have changed, no doubt, but as the pandemic is winding down, we see how many people missed being out and about and doing things in person instead of worrying about whether porch pirates would be stealing their toilet paper and hand sanitizer. And while Dan Berthiaume’s Retail Insights blog on quoted another popular 70’s group, The Doors, the conclusion is the same: consumers want their stuff now, and next-day shipping – even same-day delivery from companies like Shipt or Postmates – isn’t fast enough. “While the idea of a dedicated human cashier may seem quaint within a few years, I don’t see the need for human associates going away anytime soon. As anyone who has ever dealt with a fully automated call center can attest, sometimes you just need help from a live person,” Berthiaume said. Do you agree? And what band do you regret not seeing before they dis-banded? Share your thoughts with us on both questions via Twitter or our “Contact” page.

charcuterieDifferent Demographics Drive Dairy, Deli, Dining Demands

While many Americans are eager to get out to dine in restaurants again, in some cases restaurants, free of the COVID shackles, just don’t have the staff just yet. For those who also are looking to save some money after a tumultuous year-plus, dining out may not be the best option. Different generations may approach it differently. During a recent Professional Dairy Producers webinar, Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity, quoted recently by, said, “Some older shoppers who grew up picking their own produce will go back to shopping at the stores, while younger shoppers who don’t care about selecting their produce will let someone else do that — they just want it to be delivered.” Both options, it should be noted, are still opportunities for the real-world retailer. In a recent post on Supermarket Perimeter’s website, Eric Richard of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association said a well-stocked deli counter can be relied on to bring in traffic. “Not everyone is knowledgeable about the types of meats to include on a charcuterie board, nor the other items that complement them. Nor is everyone familiar with the tastes and textures of cheeses and the types of beverages that pair well with them. Having a knowledgeable team of department associates can bridge the gap between curiosity and purchasing when it comes to specific deli meats and cheeses.”

Spotlight Listing
Spotlight Listing

Northpointe Plaza

10100 N. Newport Hwy.
Spokane, WA 99218


Gross Leaseable Retail Area
480,849 sq. ft.

Year Opened

RPAI US Management, LLC


Retailers Include
Best Buy, Big Lots, DICK'S Sporting Goods, PetSmart, Safeway, T.J.Maxx, Target, Total Wine & More, Famous Footwear, Canaan Buffet, Menchies, Papa John's Pizza, Foxy Nails, Staples, American Family Insurance


Northpointe Plaza is a busy community center located on Newport Highway at East Hawthorne Road with easy access from north and south by US Route 2 and SR 395. Northpointe Plaza serves a primary market population of 159,068 with an average household income of $74,468.

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