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Getting Back to Normal in China… Retailers Prepare for Shoppers’ Return… Germany-based Lidl Looks to Make Waves in USA

DMM Retail Industry e-News Issue #179

Slowly, but Surely, Getting Back to Normal in China

Han Street WuhanIt’s a much different world than it was just a month or two ago. If nothing else, the area of the world where this all began is starting to show signs of recovering, and that bodes well for the rest of the world as well. According to USA Today, in Wuhan, China, though the crowds were initially scarce, the shops there are starting to open for business again. “I’m so excited, I want to cry,” said a woman on one of Wuhan’s major shopping streets, the Chuhe Hanjie pedestrian mall. “After two months trapped at home, I want to jump. I want to revenge shop.” Late last month nearly 80% of shops on the mall opened, though they limited the number of people who could enter. Public transportation started bringing thousands of people to the city again.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Prepare for Shoppers’ Return; Independents Serve Customers by Appointment

Commerce ReturnIn many areas the pandemic has caused the temporary shutdown of just about everything, including retail stores and malls, though for many them, restaurants that have separate entrances are still doing takeout business. And while online retailers are struggling with accusations of inflating prices, labor issues and more, restaurants and supermarkets are doing all they can to safely feed their communities. Smaller independent stores, according to a recent article by GQ, which rely on an in-store community, are turning to online venues to keep their brands top-of-mind, anticipating the day when customers return. “[We decided to] keep the lights on and have someone there for private appointments…We’ve found that a lot of people are looking for a reason to safely get out of the house,” said Sid Mashburn of Sid Mashburn, a five-store fashion chain based in Atlanta.

Germany-based Lidl Looks to Make Super-Waves in U.S. Market

Lidl Makes WavesThree years ago, discount supermarket chain Lidl, based in Germany, came to the U.S. 100 stores later, they are looking to grow even bigger, and fast. That’s according to a recent article on “Where Lidl has been more aggressive about expansion is with its supply chain infrastructure, quietly building a network of large facilities along the Eastern seaboard that will be capable of serving 1,500 or more stores when fully operational,” writes Mike Roy. They’ve opened stores recently in New Jersey and more could be coming to New York and New Jersey soon.

Feeling Nostalgic for Malls

We can understand these days if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the good old days, when the world was much different. Thank goodness old TV shows and movies are easily accessible – and clips of them even easier! We’re taking a poll: what are your favorite TV or movie scenes that revolve around the mall? “Minority Report” and “Back to the Future” come to mind. What are your favorites? “Bill & Ted?” “The Blues Brothers?” Perhaps “Paul Blart: Mall Cop?” Tell us via Twitter or on our “Contact” page.

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