RealSite™ Trade Areas

RealSite™ Trade Area data based upon mobile device data
is a better way to analyze and track retail activity patterns.

The RealSite™ Trade Areas are available through the strategic alliance of the Directory of Major Malls |'s leading shopping center information, the power of UberRetail's mobile location data and the geospatial expertise and analysis of B.I. Spatial has created an unparalleled database of accurate trade areas for malls and shopping centers.

With the RealSite™ Retail Trade Area data integrated into your geospatial technology, you can see an unbiased trade areas for over 8,300 major U.S. and Canadian shopping centers and malls. Use the information to analysis trade area demographics, conduct targeted marketing campaigns, optimize outdoor advertising and make better site selection decisions for your stores.

Our Location Analysis Methodology:

* Define a polygon for each shopping center and mall
* Tag any device seen in that location over a set period of time (up to a year)
* Pull historical location data on the devices found in the target area (e.g. customers)
* Identify patronage patterns before or after arriving at the location and day-part
* Factor likely residential and work locations by filtering data by time of day

Results:  Likely home locations for patrons are pinpointed and trade area polygons are created.

The ability to use the precision and volume of mobile device data to assess sites and build trade
areas provides incredible insight. Some of the applications for this data include:

* Store trade areas (yours and your competition)
* Site/Mall/Shopping Center assessment via demographic and psychographic profiling
* Cannibalization studies
* Real Estate Strategy Development
* Mergers & Acquisitions

The beauty of this approach is that:

* You are intercepting the customers, but not interrupting them.
* Your sample size is typically in the thousands
* You can differentiate between individual stores
* You can slice the data by day and hour
RealSite™ Trade Areas
Standard datasets are available by:
* National (U.S.)
* Canada
* By U.S. Region
* By State / Province
* DMA (U.S.)

Per location options also available.

Formats: Standard GIS formats including but not limited to; Shape, Tab, Alteryx, KML
Customization options are available. Contact us to discuss options.

A signed End-Use Agreement is required for all custom data products.

Note: This dataset is available under separate custom licensing. It is currently NOT an add-on option for the online access.