09/01/2015 What is Specialty Leasing?

08/27/2015 Repurposing and Reconstructing the Mall

08/25/2015 Hahne's & Co.: Revitalizing One of the Original Homes of Elegant Retail

08/20/2015 Uber is Providing Free Rides for Shoppers

08/19/2015 Raccoon Invasion!!...Rain Garden...A Slice of History....details in our latest dmm e-news

08/11/2015 Airports: Not Just a Hub for Flying but for Shopping Too

08/05/2015 NJ Mall..Kids Love It...DC Retail Jobs on the Rise...Overabundance of Construction....details in the latest dmm e-news

08/03/2015 How Mall of America is Staying Relevant Today

07/22/2015 Amazon vs Black Friday... Market Saturation Study… Influencing More of the World...details in our latest dmm e-news

07/20/2015 Metachat: Geocoding the Directory of Major Malls file

07/17/2015 Retailing on a Budget: 7 Brick-and-Mortar Alternatives

07/09/2015 A Unique View of the Shopping Center Landscape - [Whitepaper]

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07/06/2015 July 2015 update to the Directory of Major Malls/ has been deployed

07/02/2015 Top 100 Retailers Chart 2015

06/25/2015 Texting Lanes??.. Stunning Stats... SouthPark Mall to Renovate...details in our latest dmm e-news

06/16/2015 Faith Hope Consolo's Shopping Tour of Beautiful Baltimore

06/11/2015 Work, Play, and Shop..Behind-the-Scenes..High End Malls....details in our latest dmm e-news

06/08/2015 An excerpt: The Shopping Center Landscape Remains Stable

06/05/2015 What Makes Up a Relevant Consumer Experience?

06/03/2015 Original Locations – Top 20 Fast Food Restaurants

05/27/2015 Upscale Eateries Give Regional Malls a Lift

05/27/2015 The overlooked tool...Five years from now...Rolling the dice...details in our latest dmm e-news

05/22/2015 There's still time to save on access - RECon 2015

05/19/2015 ICSC RECon 2015...A strong turnout topping 35,000 attendees

05/17/2015 Whitepaper: The evolution of the shopping center landscape. Insights by Pitney Bowes and the Directory of Major Malls

05/15/2015 Updated look to - please press F5 to refresh your screen

05/15/2015 What if you could see the actual location of every major shopping center in a given area? Meet us in Vegas at ICSC #RECon15 (Booth N1329) and we'll show you how.

05/06/2015 They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Giving up is not an option… Resisting the allure of the internet- details in our latest dmm e-news

04/27/2015 Zombie Malls. You thought they were dead but now they’re back and hungry for retail!

04/22/2015 Alfred Taubman, Pioneer of Mall industry passes away at 91

04/22/2015 Got your refund? Time to go shopping... Reinventing the physical store.. Duking it out.. !! details in our latest dmm e-news

04/10/2015 Most Retailers Have WiFi, But Many are Not Leveraging its Full Potential

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03/26/2015 Just as we've been saying...malls are NOT dead

03/25/2015 Are you targeting Mansumers? …“American Dream Miami” soon to be newest and largest?...”Plummet Mall…been there?”…details in the latest dmm e-news

03/23/2015 Further insight on Omnichannel Retailing

03/16/2015 We agree, "The Great American Mall is Alive and Well"

03/11/2015 Google opens its 1st Bricks 'n Mortar Store in London

03/06/2015 Niagara Falls Frozen? … GGP Offers 5 Retail Trends… Galloway on Pure Play E-commerce…details in the latest dmm e-news

02/26/2015 Looking at the Year Ahead in Retail Real Estate

02/24/2015 Top 5 Restaurant Super Chains: Where the elite are likely to eat.

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02/11/2015 Have you “Theme Park-ified”?...Creativity for empty space…Westfield Malls and tech…details in the latest dmm e-news

01/26/2015 Attention shoppers: Lava alert…Dent in Amazon by Brick-and-Mortar…16 retail trends for 2015… details in the latest dmm e-news

01/07/2015 ESRI StoryMap: Phoenix, AZ --- Growth of the Major* Shopping Center and Mall Market Through Time.

01/06/2015 Where the Elite Like to Eat…Shop with a cop…Wisdom of Brick-and-Mortar…details in the latest dmm e-news

01/05/2015 January 2015 update--now 8,098 major shopping centers and malls

12/17/2014 Amazon Mall Stalls...Wacky Vending Machines…Assume a pedestrian character…details in the latest dmm e-news

12/12/2014 US Consumer Sentiment Up to 8-Year High

12/03/2014 Say Location Analytics 3x Fast...Server Farms the Latest to Secure Mall Real Estate...What They Think in the Retail Design Industry..details in the latest dmm e-news

11/19/2014 Is NYC A Microcosm...Luxury for LeBron...A Sweet Grand Opening......details in latest dmm e-news

11/18/2014 Visit our booth (#1318) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the ICSC 2014 NY National Conference & Deal Making Show

11/11/2014 Gmail users - receive DMM e-news in the right folder

11/07/2014 3.54 Billion sqft of retail space and 318,433 associated tenant locations!

11/04/2014 An “A-Moose-ing” Story...Thoughts on Co-Tenancy...Suburbs shopping scene...details in the latest issue of dmm e-news

10/22/2014 The “Star Wars” Garbage Compactor...Shrimp Boxing...Grab that Turkey Leg Fast...details in latest dmm e-news

10/17/2014 The ONLY newly constructed enclosed mall to open in the United States this year is open for business

10/08/2014 Attention, mall owners — shoppers want more

10/08/2014 If You Lived at the Mall...How about Living IN the Mall?...details in the latest dmm e-news

10/06/2014 An Expanding Specialty

09/29/2014 Today's Empowered Shopper and Opportunities to Reach Them

09/29/2014 Simon Says...Social Networks Help Retailers Connect... it will Already be Autumn...details in the latest e-news issue

09/19/2014 Consumers Spending Less on Apparel and Footwear

09/11/2014 Lease that Shopping Center…Think You Know the Millennial Consumer? …New England sales up…details in the latest e-news

09/09/2014 Three New Retail Concepts for Starbucks

08/27/2014 Mall Learns Bad Can be Very, Very Good …Where do they come from?... The Jetsons could still be right…details in the latest e-news issue

08/25/2014 Interesting factoid…Most "dollar stores" are NOT located in major shopping centers and malls

08/15/2014 ICSC - Shopper Spending and Sales/Sqft - Annual Report

08/14/2014  Retail REITs return to ground-up development Publish Date: August 08, 2014

08/11/2014 Internet of Things...Scoring high grades...2014 tech trends..details in the latest issue of dmm e-news

07/28/2014 Query of the day: How many enclosed malls are there in the Northeast?

07/28/2014 Jamba Juice Is Going On a Serious Franchisee Recruitment Spree

07/24/2014 Still no flying cars...Customers, they are a changin...America, We’re Rooting for You...details in the latest DMM E-news

07/18/2014 Maps...Jane data and more...ESRI Business Summit wrap

07/09/2014 Who are Retailers Targeting?...Shoppable Windows...South Bend Building Boom...details in the latest DMM E-news

06/27/2014 Run a co-tenancy query: Michael Kors & Lululemon on

06/25/2014 Spicing up the Food Court...Nielsen Community Centers Study...Millenials and the Real World...details in the latest DMM e-news

06/20/2014 In motion: Animated mapstory depicting the growth of US major shopping centers

06/19/2014 Directory of Major Malls - is exhibiting at the ESRI Business Summit

06/14/2014 Now over 8,000 major shopping center and mall listing can be found on

06/11/2014 Millennials pegged as Quirky and Unpredictable...Circle of Retail Life...Airport Downtime...details in latest DMM e-news

06/09/2014 Struggle for retailers to connect with the younger generation of shoppers

05/30/2014 Easter Bunny...New Shopping Centers...4 "C`s" of Payment...details in the latest DMM e-news

05/19/2014 ICSC presents DMM with an award

05/18/2014 Kicking off ICSC Recon 2014 Booth 634 Marketplace Mall on Sunday May 18, 2014

05/12/2014 Not yet at ICSC RECon 2014 but already some good news about what will be outside the door at ICSC NY Dealmaking in December '14

05/07/2014 Lunch and the Elliptical...Kansas City Redev...Investor Intentions Survey...details in the newest issue

04/30/2014 Have you seen our archive of past issues of DMM e-news with Interesting retail industry tidbits?

04/23/2014 Play Ball..City Talk..Embrace technology...Details in the latest issue of DMM e-news

04/18/2014 How to learn to stop worrying and love showrooming

04/10/2014 Vegas, Here we come! Directory of Major Malls / will have booth #634 in the Marketplace Mall at ICSC RECon May 18-20.

04/09/2014 Mall's "Rise from the Dead"...Busted Millennials...Evolution of Malls...details in the latest issue

03/28/2014 ESRI creates Storymaps with DMM data

03/20/2014 Google Glass Strategy...Ditching the Suburbs...Tesla time...Details in the latest issue

03/07/2014 Our NEW mapping tool has gone live. View 8,000 major shopping centers on a map

03/05/2014 Five Trends...Cubicles + Smart Stores...Men to the Mall...details in new issue

02/19/2014 Retail Pet Business is Purr-ing along...Think Like a Retailer...$ for Sport Arenas...Read the latest issue for details

02/07/2014 Tenants Turn Right-Sized Up

02/06/2014 Tech Trends...Silver Lining...Competitors around the World....Latest Issue of DMM e-news for Details

01/30/2014 Webrooming 101 - New term to me too! Read this report from Retail Wire

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01/23/2014 One-Year Store Opening Plans Inch Up, but Closings are Also Making a Comeback

01/10/2014 Most Instagrammed...Reinvention...Big Data - Read the Latest Issue of DMM e-news for Details

12/23/2013 Holiday Shopping News : Stores welcome holiday shopping procrastinators

12/19/2013 Different Strokes for Different Folks: Shopper Preferences Differ

12/18/2013 Tech vs Bricks and Mortar World...World Trade Center...Grand Bazaar - Latest issue for details

12/12/2013 Malls and the Environment: Environmentally-friendly initiatives

12/05/2013 Zero Hour Approaches for Retailers; Net Lease Buyer Pool Growing

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09/25/2013 Directory of Major Malls / -e-news #22 for September 2013 is now out

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09/03/2013 Wow! Gross Leasable Area (GLA) totaling of 3,447,998,234 sqft.

08/30/2013 Read the August 2013 - Issue #20 of our Newsletter

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08/05/2013 Almost 8,000 major shopping centers and 291K+ associated tenants

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05/28/2013 Many Thanks for stopping by at ICSC RECon 2013

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05/18/2013 StoryMap of some of the Top Specialty Retail Projects Slated to Open Just released

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05/06/2013 Malls, shopping centers getting new life as residential and retail projects

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12/03/2012 Retailers could see boost from holiday decor sales

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11/28/2012 The Best Retail Landlords Realize Importance of Bricks and Clicks

11/26/2012 Black Friday Results Are In: The Centerpiece of a Huge Multi-Day ‘Bricks-and-Clicks’ Shopping Spree

11/21/2012 / Directory of Major Malls word cloud

11/19/2012 The Counselors of Real Estate: Top Ten Issues Affecting the Real Estate Industry

11/15/2012 Malls, Shopping Centers Survive the Hurricane with Minimal Damage

11/14/2012 ShopperTrak forecasts the 10 best holiday shopping days

11/07/2012 NRF report: Election 2012 in review: The impact on retail

11/05/2012 Supermarkets Shine in Responding to Sandy

10/29/2012 Surprising Party Store Growth in Tough Times... Why?

10/24/2012 The mall is becoming a hangout for insurance agents.

10/19/2012 Retailers Appear Optimistic About Christmas Sales

10/19/2012 Fall Savings on the 2012 33rd Ediiton of the Directory of Major Malls

10/15/2012 Consumer Spending Surged in September, According to NRF

09/27/2012 Goodbye, Supercenters: Retail Will Get Focused, Adaptable

09/25/2012 9 Highly Rated REITs With Big Dividends

09/20/2012 Retail Tenants Pushing the Envelope

09/12/2012 Don't Close Your Stores Just Yet

09/04/2012 “What if” — Moving from Realistic to Real

09/04/2012 September '12 update - 7,520 detailed major shopping center and mall listings

08/12/2012 Supermarkets Aren't Just for Groceries Anymore

08/10/2012 Malls Make Way for Grocers

08/09/2012 Why shopping will never be the same

08/06/2012 August '12 update on - 7,476 detailed shopping center and mall listings

07/29/2012 A Shopping Center is Born

07/27/2012 Retailers from Penney's to Nordstrom to Macy's try to find and master market niche

07/19/2012 9 Trends That Are Transforming The Retail World

07/16/2012 Top 50 Fast Casual Restaurants Movers & Shakers Comparison 2011-2012

06/21/2012 ICSC RECon 2012 wrap-up: retail market outlook brighter

06/19/2012 The Effects of Big-Box Downsizing on the Retail Side

06/11/2012 The Fine Art of Recognizing What Doesn't Matter

06/07/2012 June '12 update on - 7,447 detailed shopping center and mall listings

05/15/2012 Regional malls alive and kicking

05/03/2012 DMM / is exhibiting at the ICSC RECON show in Las Vegas May 20-22

05/02/2012 Simon: Forget New Lifestyle Centers, We Like Outlets

04/24/2012 The Shopping Mall Museum

04/20/2012 DMM sourced by San Fernando Valley Business Journal

04/16/2012 March Retail Sales Growth Marks Positive Start to Spring, According to NRF

03/28/2012 Pop-up stores provide long-term retail and marketing prospects

03/27/2012 Is the Retail Recovery Finally Here?


03/23/2012 Retail USA In Four Years

02/08/2012 The 2012 Directory of Major Malls Printed Directory is Here!

01/31/2012 Data Exporting Now Available on DMM Online!

01/31/2012 DMM provides invaluable information to Specialty Retail Report readers!

01/20/2012 What You Can Learn From the Pop-Up Store Phenomenon

01/16/2012 DMM and Downtown Decorations, Inc. — a dazzling partnership!

01/03/2012 Small retailers increasingly fill vacancies at malls

12/01/2011 Hallandale Beach, FL mall chosen for coveted spot on the 2012 DMM Print directory front cover!

11/16/2011 Old Data = Bad Decisions. Pre-order your 2012 Printed Directory of Major Malls today! We've made 218,000 data point changes this year alone.

11/01/2011  'Tis the Season for Shopping Local: Mom-and-Pop Retailers Hopeful About Holiday Sales

10/18/2011 Hot Hispanic Markets and the major Shopping Center and Malls in them

10/01/2011 October 2011 Update Announcement

09/28/2011 Directory of Major Malls has what WestFair Business Publications needs!

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05/18/2011 The KISS of Death (a commentary on chain store sales forecast modeling)

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03/16/2011 Best Practices in Designing Urban Shopping

02/23/2011 Read the latest post on "Strolling the Agora", the blog.

01/20/2011 2011, Directory of Major Malls products just released.

01/03/2011 January 2011 data update - 7,100 major shopping center listings

12/17/2010 Staying Ahead Of The Trends: Survival Of The Fittest

11/24/2010 Growth In Internet Sales May Impact On Leasing And Development, But Others See It As Another Challenge To Be Overcome

10/25/2010 To Reach New Customers, Discount, Outlet And Off-Price Retailers May Soon Be Expanding Their Criteria To Make Deals

10/14/2010 Higher Vacancies May Be Hurting The Landlords, But It Is Also A Great Dealmaking Opportunity For Discounters And Off-Pricers

10/04/2010 Is There A Trend For Supermarkets To Become Regular Tenants In A Regional Mall? Don't You Believe It

09/20/2010 Directory of Major Malls dataset expanded to over 6,800 major shopping centers and malls on

08/09/2010 Now Over 6,700 Major Shopping Centers and Malls on

06/04/2010 The New Goes LIVE

01/16/2009 2009, 30th Edition Just Released: Reporting On Over 5,500 Major Shopping Centers and Malls In US And Canada

02/07/2008 Directory of Major Malls Breaks Barrier