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January 21, 2016Retail Forecast Heading into 2016

January 12, 2016A Dose of Reality... Improving Area Shopping Centers... Trends... details in the latest DMM e-news

January 11, 2016Directory of Major Malls, UberMedia, and B.I. Spatial Announce - Strategic Alliance to Deliver Trade Area Analysis for Shopping Centers Using Mobile Location Data

January 06, 2016What's an Exclusive Territory?

December 29, 2015Trade Area Troubles - Part 2

December 23, 2015Emerging Trends in Supermarket Retail

December 17, 2015Top 20 Largest Malls in the USA

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August 27, 2015Repurposing and Reconstructing the Mall

August 25, 2015Hahne's & Co.: Revitalizing One of the Original Homes of Elegant Retail

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May 22, 2015There's still time to save on access - RECon 2015

May 19, 2015ICSC RECon 2015...A strong turnout topping 35,000 attendees

May 17, 2015Whitepaper: The evolution of the shopping center landscape. Insights by Pitney Bowes and the Directory of Major Malls

May 15, 2015Updated look to - please press F5 to refresh your screen

May 15, 2015What if you could see the actual location of every major shopping center in a given area? Meet us in Vegas at ICSC #RECon15 (Booth N1329) and we'll show you how.

May 06, 2015They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Giving up is not an option… Resisting the allure of the internet- details in our latest dmm e-news

April 27, 2015Zombie Malls. You thought they were dead but now they’re back and hungry for retail!

April 22, 2015Alfred Taubman, Pioneer of Mall industry passes away at 91

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March 16, 2015We agree, "The Great American Mall is Alive and Well"

March 11, 2015Google opens its 1st Bricks 'n Mortar Store in London

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January 06, 2015Where the Elite Like to Eat…Shop with a cop…Wisdom of Brick-and-Mortar…details in the latest dmm e-news

January 05, 2015January 2015 update--now 8,098 major shopping centers and malls

December 17, 2014Amazon Mall Stalls...Wacky Vending Machines…Assume a pedestrian character…details in the latest dmm e-news

December 12, 2014US Consumer Sentiment Up to 8-Year High

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November 18, 2014Visit our booth (#1318) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the ICSC 2015 NY National Conference & Deal Making Show

November 11, 2014Gmail users - receive DMM e-news in the right folder

November 07, 20143.54 Billion sqft of retail space and 318,433 associated tenant locations!

November 04, 2014An “A-Moose-ing” Story...Thoughts on Co-Tenancy...Suburbs shopping scene...details in the latest issue of dmm e-news

October 22, 2014The “Star Wars” Garbage Compactor...Shrimp Boxing...Grab that Turkey Leg Fast...details in latest dmm e-news

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September 29, 2014Today's Empowered Shopper and Opportunities to Reach Them

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August 25, 2014Interesting factoid…Most "dollar stores" are NOT located in major shopping centers and malls

August 15, 2014ICSC - Shopper Spending and Sales/Sqft - Annual Report

August 14, 2014 Retail REITs return to ground-up development Publish Date: August 08, 2014

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July 28, 2014Query of the day: How many enclosed malls are there in the Northeast?

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June 27, 2014Run a co-tenancy query: Michael Kors & Lululemon on

June 25, 2014Spicing up the Food Court...Nielsen Community Centers Study...Millenials and the Real World...details in the latest DMM e-news

June 20, 2014In motion: Animated mapstory depicting the growth of US major shopping centers

June 19, 2014Directory of Major Malls - is exhibiting at the ESRI Business Summit

June 14, 2014Now over 8,000 major shopping center and mall listing can be found on

June 11, 2014Millennials pegged as Quirky and Unpredictable...Circle of Retail Life...Airport Downtime...details in latest DMM e-news

June 09, 2014Struggle for retailers to connect with the younger generation of shoppers

May 30, 2014Easter Bunny...New Shopping Centers...4 "C`s" of Payment...details in the latest DMM e-news

May 19, 2014ICSC presents DMM with an award

May 18, 2014Kicking off ICSC Recon 2014 Booth 634 Marketplace Mall on Sunday May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014Not yet at ICSC RECon 2014 but already some good news about what will be outside the door at ICSC NY Dealmaking in December '14

May 07, 2014Lunch and the Elliptical...Kansas City Redev...Investor Intentions Survey...details in the newest issue

April 30, 2014Have you seen our archive of past issues of DMM e-news with Interesting retail industry tidbits?

April 23, 2014Play Ball..City Talk..Embrace technology...Details in the latest issue of DMM e-news

April 18, 2014How to learn to stop worrying and love showrooming

April 10, 2014Vegas, Here we come! Directory of Major Malls / will have booth #634 in the Marketplace Mall at ICSC RECon May 18-20.

April 09, 2014Mall's "Rise from the Dead"...Busted Millennials...Evolution of Malls...details in the latest issue

March 28, 2014ESRI creates Storymaps with DMM data

March 20, 2014Google Glass Strategy...Ditching the Suburbs...Tesla time...Details in the latest issue

March 07, 2014Our NEW mapping tool has gone live. View 8,000 major shopping centers on a map

March 05, 2014Five Trends...Cubicles + Smart Stores...Men to the Mall...details in new issue

February 19, 2014Retail Pet Business is Purr-ing along...Think Like a Retailer...$ for Sport Arenas...Read the latest issue for details

February 07, 2014Tenants Turn Right-Sized Up

February 06, 2014Tech Trends...Silver Lining...Competitors around the World....Latest Issue of DMM e-news for Details

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January 23, 2014One-Year Store Opening Plans Inch Up, but Closings are Also Making a Comeback

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December 23, 2013Holiday Shopping News : Stores welcome holiday shopping procrastinators

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December 12, 2013Malls and the Environment: Environmentally-friendly initiatives

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January 07, 2013Retail Centers in Dallas-Ft. Worth market look at Holiday results - see the map

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January 03, 2013How Santa's Helpers are spending their time and money in-store vs online!

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December 10, 2012Forget Teens, Malls want to be hangouts for Adults

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November 28, 2012The Best Retail Landlords Realize Importance of Bricks and Clicks

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November 21, / Directory of Major Malls word cloud

November 19, 2012The Counselors of Real Estate: Top Ten Issues Affecting the Real Estate Industry

November 15, 2012Malls, Shopping Centers Survive the Hurricane with Minimal Damage

November 14, 2012ShopperTrak forecasts the 10 best holiday shopping days

November 07, 2012NRF report: Election 2012 in review: The impact on retail

November 05, 2012Supermarkets Shine in Responding to Sandy

October 29, 2012Surprising Party Store Growth in Tough Times... Why?

October 24, 2012The mall is becoming a hangout for insurance agents.

October 19, 2012Retailers Appear Optimistic About Christmas Sales

October 19, 2012Fall Savings on the 2012 33rd Ediiton of the Directory of Major Malls

October 15, 2012Consumer Spending Surged in September, According to NRF

September 27, 2012Goodbye, Supercenters: Retail Will Get Focused, Adaptable

September 25, 20129 Highly Rated REITs With Big Dividends

September 20, 2012Retail Tenants Pushing the Envelope

September 12, 2012Don't Close Your Stores Just Yet

September 04, 2012“What if” — Moving from Realistic to Real

September 04, 2012September '12 update - 7,520 detailed major shopping center and mall listings

August 12, 2012Supermarkets Aren't Just for Groceries Anymore

August 10, 2012Malls Make Way for Grocers

August 09, 2012Why shopping will never be the same

August 06, 2012August '12 update on - 7,476 detailed shopping center and mall listings

July 29, 2012A Shopping Center is Born

July 27, 2012Retailers from Penney's to Nordstrom to Macy's try to find and master market niche

July 19, 20129 Trends That Are Transforming The Retail World

July 16, 2012Top 50 Fast Casual Restaurants Movers & Shakers Comparison 2011-2012

June 21, 2012ICSC RECon 2012 wrap-up: retail market outlook brighter

June 19, 2012The Effects of Big-Box Downsizing on the Retail Side

June 11, 2012The Fine Art of Recognizing What Doesn't Matter

June 07, 2012June '12 update on - 7,447 detailed shopping center and mall listings

May 15, 2012Regional malls alive and kicking

May 03, 2012DMM / is exhibiting at the ICSC RECON show in Las Vegas May 20-22

May 02, 2012Simon: Forget New Lifestyle Centers, We Like Outlets

April 24, 2012The Shopping Mall Museum

April 20, 2012DMM sourced by San Fernando Valley Business Journal

April 16, 2012March Retail Sales Growth Marks Positive Start to Spring, According to NRF

March 28, 2012Pop-up stores provide long-term retail and marketing prospects

March 27, 2012Is the Retail Recovery Finally Here?


March 23, 2012Retail USA In Four Years

February 08, 2012The 2012 Directory of Major Malls Printed Directory is Here!

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January 31, 2012DMM Provides Invaluable Information to Specialty Retail Report Readers!

January 20, 2012What You Can Learn From the Pop-Up Store Phenomenon

January 16, 2012DMM and Downtown Decorations, Inc. — a dazzling partnership!

January 03, 2012Small retailers increasingly fill vacancies at malls

December 13, 2011Do you know who created the modern shopping mall?

December 01, 2011Hallandale Beach, FL mall chosen for coveted spot on the 2012 DMM Print directory front cover!

November 23, 2011America's Most Visited Shopping Malls

November 16, 2011Old Data = Bad Decisions. Pre-order your 2012 Printed Directory of Major Malls today! We've made 218,000 data point changes this year alone.

November 01, 2011 'Tis the Season for Shopping Local: Mom-and-Pop Retailers Hopeful About Holiday Sales

October 18, 2011Hot Hispanic Markets and the major Shopping Center and Malls in them

October 01, 2011October 2011 Update Announcement

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June 24, 2011A helpful site with many links to "other" retail industry links

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March 21, 2011Well-Designed Shopping Centers and Urban Revitalization

March 16, 2011Best Practices in Designing Urban Shopping

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February 21, 2011Strolling the Agora: How Some Retailers, Landlords, And Brokers Will Be Able To Profit Fom The Closing Of More Than 200 Borders Stores

January 20, 20112011, Directory of Major Malls products just released.

January 03, 2011January 2011 data update - 7,100 major shopping center listings

December 17, 2010Staying Ahead Of The Trends: Survival Of The Fittest

November 24, 2010Strolling the Agora: Growth In Internet Sales May Impact On Leasing And Development, But Others See It As Another Challenge To Be Overcome

October 25, 2010Strolling the Agora: To Reach New Customers, Discount, Outlet And Off-Price Retailers May Soon Be Expanding Their Criteria To Make Deals

October 14, 2010Strolling the Agora: Higher Vacancies May Be Hurting The Landlords, But It Is Also A Great Dealmaking Opportunity For Discounters And Off-Pricers

October 04, 2010Strolling the Agora: Is There A Trend For Supermarkets To Become Regular Tenants In A Regional Mall? Don't You Believe It

September 26, 2010Strolling the Agora: After 37 Years Of Focusing On New Developments And Expansion In The Industry, Shopping Center Digest Suspends Publication

September 20, 2010Directory of Major Malls Dataset Expanded to Over 6,800 Major Shopping Centers and Malls on

September 04, 2010Strolling the Agora: "The Deals Keep Coming," And Even More Shopping Centers Will Soon Be Changing Hands--Bringing More Opportunities To Local Brokers

August 09, 2010Now Over 6,700 Major Shopping Centers and Malls on

August 02, 2010Strolling the Agora: Figures Don't Lie, But Liars Figure When They Pick And Choose Figures Describing The Status Of Restaurants--Or Is It Ignorance?

July 16, 2010Strolling the Agora: "Summer Doldrums," With Expected Slowdown In Dealmaking, Still Raise Many Conflicting And Contradictory Questions

July 05, 2010Strolling the Agora: How--And Why--The "Chicago Deal" By Wal-Mart Will Impact On That City And The Shopping Center/Retail Chain Industry

June 21, 2010Strolling the Agora: Dealmakers Look At New Ways To Keep The Momentum Going

June 07, 2010Strolling the Agora: Tenants, Landlords Begin Making Deals Again At ICSC RECON, Which Is “Better Than Expected”

June 04, 2010The New Goes LIVE

May 17, 2010Strolling the Agora: FTC's Look At SPG And GGP May Be Moot Now, But Federal Involvement In The Shopping Center Industry Has A Long History

May 03, 2010Strolling the Agora: Money Is Now Available For Mergers And Acquisitions And In The Forefront Are The Behemoths Simon Property Group And Kimco Realty

April 19, 2010Strolling the Agora: Are Overages From The Past A Way To Stimulate Dealmaking Now In The Shopping Center/Retail Chain Industry?

April 04, 2010Strolling the Agora: What Are Some Suggestions Proposed To Stimulate Dealmaking?

March 23, 2010Strolling the Agora: The Time Is Ripe For Many Retailers To Test New Concepts. What Impact Do These New Approaches Have For Leasing, Development And Expansion?

March 08, 2010Strolling the Agora: We Focus On Battling Behemoths, But Greater Impact Could Come From The Trends To Smaller Stores, Expansion Of Food, Blurring Of Retail Categories

February 22, 2010Strolling the Agora: "What Impact Will Expected Acquisitions By Large Landlords Have On Leasing?"

February 08, 2010Strolling the Agora: Will The Focus By Luxury Retailers On Outlets Have An Impact On Mainstream Shopping Centers?

January 25, 2010Strolling the Agora: Will Higher Holiday Sales Result In An Increase To Retail Expansion? According To Some, It May Not Happen In 2010

January 11, 2010Strolling the Agora: With Landlords Strapped For Cash, "When," Many Ask, "Will The Dam Break And Result In A Flood Of Large Acquisitions Of Shopping Centers"

December 18, 2009Strolling the Agora: Constantly Updating Its Format And Approach To Better Serve Dealmakers, Twice Monthly Newsletter Now Stresses Subscribers Can Make Contact In Seconds

November 23, 2009Strolling the Agora: Resilience, Positive Attitude Are Universals From Dealmakers--And Anger That ICSC has "Lost Touch" With Its Members

October 26, 2009Strolling the Agora: Roar Of Dealmaking, Demands For Percentage Deals At Core of ICSC Atlanta Event

October 15, 2009Strolling the Agora: What Is Causing Agitation Among Landlords Is The Demand By Tenants For Rent Concessions

September 29, 2009Strolling the Agora: Landlords, Tenants, Brokers Begin Drive For New Deals At ICSC Conference In Philly

September 10, 2009Strolling the Agora: With Leverage Finally On The Side Of Tenants, How Are Landlords Reacting?

August 24, 2009Strolling the Agora: The Fine Points Of Finance That Are Driving This Industry

August 03, 2009Strolling the Agora: "Running Like Crazy And Trying To Stay In The Same Place," Is How Some Dealmakers Describe Their Efforts To Fill Ever-Growing Vacancies In Centers

July 22, 2009Strolling the Agora: Though Many Are Directing Their Expansion Offshore, They And Many Others Are Preparing For Major Growth in the U.S. and Canada

July 06, 2009Strolling the Agora: Cash Is King, As Dealmakers Say The Biggest Obstacle To Making A Deal Is The Lack Of Financing

June 18, 2009Strolling the Agora: The Reasons Why US And Canadian Developers And Retailers Are Expanding Into Foreign Markets

June 08, 2009Strolling the Agora: Money and Time were the Driving Forces at ICSC's RECon in Las Vegas

May 12, 2009Strolling the Agora: The Big Transformation of the Industry is Underway

April 23, 2009Strolling the Agora: Though The Industry Is Contracting, Those Able To React To Existing Conditons Are Expected To Lead Future Expansion

April 07, 2009Strolling the Agora: A Minor Irritation is Becoming an Important Issue for Landlords as Tenants try to Reduce Costs by Cutting Hours and Days of Operation

March 13, 2009Strolling the Agora: Reasons For Attending ICSC's Annual May Convention In Las Vegas

March 02, 2009Strolling the Agora: The Impact On Leasing/Development From The "Green" Movement

February 09, 2009Strolling the Agora: Retailers Suggest How to Get This Industry Moving Again

January 27, 2009Strolling the Agora: Dealmakers Look at the Shopping Center/Retail Industry

January 26, 2009State of the Shopping Center Industry

January 16, 20092009, 30th Edition Just Released: Reporting On Over 5,500 Major Shopping Centers and Malls In US And Canada

February 07, 2008Directory of Major Malls Breaks Barrier